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Das große Buh

Das große Buh


– soundwalk

Deutsche Oper Berlin

Commissioned by the Deutsche Oper Berlin

Stage Director: Dorothea Schroeder
Dramaturge: Anne Oppermann
Set-Design, Costume-Design: Jana Denhoven, Sven Lison
Sounddesign: Studiengang Sound Studies der UdK Berlin with Jasmine Guffond, Lukas Grundmann, Helen Heß, Julia Holzberger, Martyna Poznanska, Theresa Stroetges, Andrés Torres, Friedrich Witte and SchülerInnen der Marcel-Breuer-Schule

Equipped with headsets, the audience follows a prescribed route and is confronted with a new form of theatre combining reality and fiction, past and present, in which virtual voices, music and noise issuing from the headphones mix with the actual visuals and soundtrack of the environment.

As an investigation of different forms of protest that have marked the Deutsche Oper Berlin and continue to have relevance, the Sound Walk amounts to an 'occupation on foot', thematic as well as spatial, of the building and its immediate environment. Ever since it opened, the Deutsche Oper Berlin has been linked with political statements and demonstrations, and the Sound Walk charts these historic events. It also investigates the state of the protest culture today. Does such a culture still exist or is it restricted to the world of art, to the boos of an audience signalling displeasure in an opera house?