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Vinyl Activities – Queen’s Greatest Bits

Vinyl Activities – Queen’s Greatest Bits


– score

[5 LPs by Queen, scissors, one empty sleeve]

To compile your own Greatest Bits:

1. Take out the records and put the covers aside.

2. Take the scissors and cut out one piece from each of the 5 records. The size of each piece should be roughly one-fifth of a record’s total size (just like a big slice of pizza).

3. Put the 5 pieces together on a turntable (just like a puzzle). If they are not fitting together make them smaller.

4. Put the needle on some of the pieces, start the turntable and listen to your version of Queen’s Greatest Bits (this may damage the needle of your turntable). If the needle jumps off completely, put it back on track at a different position.

For different playback results you may experiment with:
- the size and shape of the pieces and their arrangement on the turntable
- exchanging single pieces with new ones
- control functions of your turntable like pitch, anti-skating, weight and height adjustment of the tonearm (these functions may vary depending on your turntable, see your device’s manual for further reference or just find out about their effects by turning all knobs and buttons you find on your device)

5. Use the empty sleeve for storing your Greatest Bits.

You may repeat this action with different records to create more Greatest Bits compilations.