Lukas Grundmann works with sound and experimental electronic music in installations, performances and compositions in contexts of music, art, theatre and radio. He is a board member of Cashmere Radio and teaches in the M.A. program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the University of the Arts in Berlin.


Duo for Synthesizer and Akkordeon with Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due (album release 2023)

4x4 at (concert, April 2023)

Experimental Radio Practice, Seminar at UdK SoundS in collaboration w/ Matteo Spanò (April 2023)

Sun Eaters, sound design and 7.1 mix for a sci-fi dance film, director: Maryna Makarenko

Hands on Sound, Basic Audio Technology Workshop, Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (M.A.) Universität der Künste Berlin

Yahya Hassan, theatre performance at Gorki, Berlin, composition and sound design, director: Murat Dikenci

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